Do you know which city in the world is renowned for its warmth and welcoming atmosphere, with the most hospitable people? I bet the first city that came to your mind is Yerevan.


In the heart of Yerevan, as sung in a cherished Armenian melody, the refrain echoes: 'This is Yerevan, you are at home here.' These words hold true not just for the locals but extend a warm welcome to every visitor. When you arrive, you'll sense that homely feeling, embraced by the camaraderie of those around you, making Yerevan not just a place to explore but a welcoming home to discover.


Yerevan stands as one of the world's oldest cities, adorned with layers of captivating culture and history. And, oh, the Armenian cuisine – a silent masterpiece that every visitor must savor. When in Yerevan, let the rich heritage and the flavors of Armenian dishes weave an unforgettable story for you.


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Where to find luggage storage in Yerevan?

Luggage storage near Opera and Cascade

Luggage storage is located 200 meters from Cascade and 300 meters from the Opera house. Storage prices depend on the size of luggage and store duration.

Luggage storage near Subway Yeritasardakan and The Opera House

Baggage storage is located 30 meters from Subway Yeritasardakan. Storage prices depend on the size of luggage and store duration.

Luggage storage near The Republic Square

The R&R Inn Hotel is located in the center of Yerevan; 5 minutes walk from The Republic Square. In the hotel, you can leave your baggage and enjoy your trip. Luggage storage prices depend on the time of keeping luggage.

Luggage  storage near Ajapnyak

This luggage center is located in Ajapnyak district of Yerevan․ Storage prices depend on the size of luggage and store duration.

Luggage storage near Arabkir

This luggage center is located in the Arabkir district of Yerevan. Storage prices depend on the size of luggage and store duration. Works from 10:00 to 21:00.

Envoy Hostel & Tours

Luggage storage in the center of Yerevan, near Northern Avenue and Mesrop Mashtots Avenue. 5 minutes walk from Northern Avenue and you will find us. Our entrance is via Parpetsi Street.

Eco Project-Long term

You can store your equipment and other belongings starting from one day to several months.

Yerevan is packed with culture and history, like a treasure chest waiting to be opened. A few days might feel short, but we've got you covered. We've picked some awesome spots in Yerevan based on what you like. These places are like bookmarks in Yerevan's story – let's explore!!


Erebuni Museum: Embark on a journey through time at the Erebuni Museum in Yerevan, where the city's ancient roots come to life. Uncover the foundations of Yerevan, dating back to the 8th century BC. The Erebuni Museum preserves the rich heritage of the city's origins, offering a fascinating glimpse into its ancient past. Explore the significance of Erebuni Fortress, the birthplace of Yerevan. The museum narrates the story of the fortress's establishment by King Argishti I, providing a key chapter in the history of Armenia.


Matenadaran: Explore one of the world's largest repositories of ancient manuscripts, housing over 23,000 manuscripts that span a multitude of subjects, including science, philosophy, literature, and theology. The collection is a testament to Armenia's rich intellectual heritage. Delve into the history of Armenian writing and the pivotal role played by Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet. Matenadaran preserves and commemorates this cultural milestone, providing insight into the evolution of written language.


Tsitsernakaberd, a Place of Remembrance and Reflection - At Tsitsernakaberd, pay respects to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. The monument stands as a solemn tribute to those who suffered during this tragic chapter in history. Immerse yourself in the Museum of Armenian Genocide adjacent to the monument. The museum provides historical context, personal narratives, and exhibits that contribute to a deeper understanding of this tragic event. Visiting Tsitsernakaberd is an emotional and educational experience, fostering remembrance and understanding. It stands as a powerful testament to the importance of acknowledging history and honoring the lives affected by the Armenian Genocide.


Where to Take a Leisurely Stroll and Make New Friends?

Republic Square: The central hub of Yerevan, Republic Square, is surrounded by cafes, shops, and government buildings. It's a lively spot where locals and visitors gather.


Cascade Complex: The Cascade is both an architectural marvel and a social space. Stroll up the outdoor stairway, enjoy public art installations, and engage with people enjoying the panoramic views.


Northern Avenue:  This avenue is a modern pedestrian-friendly area with shops, cafes, and cultural venues. It's a popular spot for locals to take a leisurely stroll.


Charles Aznavour Square: A charming square named after the legendary singer, it's a place where people gather for open-air concerts, events, or simply to enjoy a pleasant day outdoors.


Café Street - Saryan Street: Saryan Street is known for its cozy cafes, creating a perfect setting to strike up conversations with fellow patrons. It's a hub for those looking for a relaxed atmosphere.


Where to Revel in Armenia's Nightlife Scene? A Guide for Night Owls Armenia may be known for its historic sites, but if you're a night owl, there are vibrant places to explore after dark. Check out Yerevan's Pushkin Street, a hub for trendy bars and lounges, or Cascade Complex for lively nightclubs. Embrace the energetic atmosphere at Mezzo Classic House Club or Calumet Ethnic Lounge, where you can enjoy live music and flavorful cocktails. Discover a different side of Armenia as you navigate its dynamic nightlife, offering a perfect blend of modern entertainment and cultural richness.


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