Are you traveling in Yerevan?
Many tourists after check-in or before check-out have free time and want to enjoy Yerevan.
But they are related to the problem of storing suitcases.

They don't know where to leave luggage or other belongings.

Do you have a problem like this with your luggage? Don't know where to leave bags?
Want to find baggage storage & luggage lockers near you? 
You are in the right place.
Don't worry our luggage storage & baggage lockers opportunities in Yerevan will help you to leave your suitcase in a safe, convenient place and travel hands-free.
LugLockers is a luggage storage facility that offers daily, hourly, and hourly interval rates storage places.

In our storage platform, you can find also luggage storage places whose service prices depend on the size of the baggage.

Where to find luggage storage in Yerevan?

In Yerevan, we have four left luggage places where you can store bags and other belongings.

The R&R Inn Hotel is located in the center of Yerevan; 5 minutes walk from The Republic Square.

In the hotel, you can leave your baggage and enjoy your trip.

Luggage storage prices depend on the time of keeping luggage. Storage works 24/7/365.

Luggage storage is located 200 meters from Cascade and 300 meters from the Opera house.

Storage prices depend on the size of luggage and store duration.

Baggage storage is located 30 meters from Subway Yeritasardakan.

Storage prices depend on the size of luggage and store duration.

About city

Welcome to Yerevan, one of the oldest cities in the world.
If you want to taste delicious food, communicate with friendly people, and admire the wonderful weather, definitely visit Yerevan. The city is mainly built of tuff stone, which gives the city a pink hue. The 2,800-year-old city is 29 years older than Rome but offers many modern opportunities for both passive and active tourists.
Store your suitcases and other things in our partner luggage storage places and enjoy Yerevan.