Welcome to Seoul, a vibrant city where ancient palaces and cutting-edge skyscrapers coexist together, creating a tapestry of historical richness and contemporary style. In Seoul, you can walk through peaceful temple grounds in the morning and visit busy commercial districts at night.

Explore different areas such as Insadong, where traditional tea houses and galleries highlight Korea's rich creative legacy, and Gangnam, which provides insight into the city's prosperous, high-energy lifestyle. Don't miss out on lively marketplaces like Gwangjang Market for true street food experiences, or Myeongdong for a mix of fashion, skincare, and gastronomic pleasures.

Where to go in Seoul?

If you are traveling to Seoul for the first time, here are some places that you must visit:

Bukchon Hanok Village: Take a stroll around this scenic town filled with hundreds of traditional Korean buildings (hanoks), many of which have been transformed into cultural institutions, guesthouses, and tea shops.

N Seoul Tower: Photograph the city skyline from this prominent tower atop Namsan Mountain. It's an ideal location for panoramic views and great photos.

Lotte World Tower: Enjoy shopping and entertainment in one of the world's highest structures, which includes a large mall, an observatory, a luxury hotel, and a variety of entertainment.

War Memorial of Korea: Learn about Korea's rich history at this large museum dedicated to the Korean War and other conflicts, which includes military exhibits and memorials.

We hope you have a fantastic trip to Seoul! 

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