Welcome to Callao, a historic port city where Pacific Ocean waves meet lively Peruvian culture. Callao, Peru's largest seaport, is located just west of Lima and is known for its rich maritime heritage, magnificent coastal views, and vibrant neighborhoods. Whether you're visiting old castles, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying local cuisine, Callao provides an unforgettable experience. 

Top Places to Visit in Callao:

1. The Real Felipe Fortress is a must-see. Built in the 18th century to protect against pirate invasions, this well-preserved castle now provides guided tours that dive into its interesting history and military significance. The fortress also has a museum with exhibits about colonial and maritime history.

2. La Punta District: La Punta is a lovely coastal area with peaceful beaches and charming colonial buildings. Take a relaxing walk along the gorgeous promenade and admire beautiful ocean views. It's the perfect location for a relaxed day on the beach.

3. Callao Monumental: This urban art project has turned parts of Callao into open-air galleries. Callao Monumental, which features paintings and sculptures by both local and foreign artists, highlights the city's vibrant artistic scene. Take a guided tour to properly understand the stories and inspiration behind the artworks.

4. Islas Palomino: For environment and animal enthusiasts, a boat journey to the Palomino Islands is essential. These islands are home to huge populations of sea lions, which you may see in their natural environment. Some tours even include the chance to swim with these lively creatures. The trip also offers spectacular views of the coast.

5. Mercado Central de Callao: Explore local culture and cuisine at the Central Market. A diverse selection of fresh fish, local products, and traditional Peruvian cuisine are available here. It's an excellent spot to try Callao's famous ceviche and other delicious meals.

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