Have you ever heard of the title 'Capital of Humor'? The Armenian city of Gyumri is often referred to by this nickname. Why? Let's explore!


The people of Gyumri are renowned for their keen sense of humor. Gyumri, with its distinctive traditions, way of life, psychology, dialect, wit, and humor, has cultivated a unique environment that has given rise to amusing anecdotes and funny stories.


Gyumri isn't just about making you laugh; it's a city that's got it all! From awesome history and super tasty food to a really cool past, Gyumri is like a big hug of culture, flavor, and stories. It's not your regular city; it's a fun-packed adventure waiting for you!


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So, as you step into Gyumri's captivating realm, know that our luggage storage is here to make your journey smoother, lighter, and more enjoyable. Your adventure awaits, and with our assistance, you're ready to embrace Gyumri's charm to the fullest. Let's create travel memories without the baggage hassle – your Gyumri exploration starts now!


Storing your luggage in Gyumri is as effortless as indulging in the infectious laughter inspired by the humor of Gyumri's people.


Location Search: Explore the LugLockers website to uncover conveniently positioned luggage storage points throughout Gyumri. Our locations are thoughtfully situated, ensuring easy accessibility near popular landmarks, transportation hubs, and city centers.


Reservation: Secure your preferred storage spot through the LugLockers platform. Plan in advance to reserve your space, tailoring your storage needs to align seamlessly with your Gyumri itinerary.


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Where to find luggage storage in Gyumri?

In Gyumri, we have four luggage places where you can store bags and other belongings.

Berlin Art Hotel-Luggage storage

Berlin Art Hotel is located in the heart of Gyumri. It is within a short walking distance of the historic market, restaurants, and cafés, as well as museums and churches.


Long & short-term storage Gyumri

This is Located in the center of Gyumri city. Items are accepted for both short-term and long-term storage.

Exploring Gyumri Together

Fancy taking a stroll through the charming streets of Gyumri? Explore the nooks and crannies, and have a chat with the friendly locals. Guess what? All those pathways eventually lead you to the heart of it all – Vardanants Square! It's like the city's cozy living room, welcoming you to the center of the action. So, ready to wander and wonder in Gyumri? Vardanants Square is where the adventure begins! Explore the captivating historic district of Kumair if you're curious to glimpse into Gyumri's past. This square is like a time machine, offering a must-visit experience to witness the essence of what Gyumri looked like in days gone by. It's a journey through history waiting to unfold before your eyes!


Remember those cool movies from the 1980s where people rode carriages? Guess what? You can do that in Gyumri! Right in the middle of the Square, you can make that dream come true and take a fun ride around Gyumri. It's like stepping into a movie, but you're the star of this real-life adventure!


Being in Gyumri, let's kick things off with a delightful culinary adventure! So, where to indulge your taste buds? Well, you've got some fantastic options. For a taste of tradition, Dzkan Dzor and "Poloz Mukuch" are a must-visit. Step into "Mukuch," where the menu is a bit like a mystery novel – it's in Armenian and English, and there's no price list. Embrace the spontaneity! Now, if you're into trendy spots, check out the recently opened Florence – it's not just stylish; it's Instagrammable inside and out. Gyumri locals rave about Hatzatun tavern, especially for their fantastic tail khashlama. Feeling adventurous? Try kyalla, a winter treat – a cow's head! And when the craving for something sweet hits, don't miss Ponchik-monchik. The queues move fast, and inside that thin, crispy dough, you'll find a heavenly mix of air and just the right amount of cream. It's a treat you won't want to miss!


If you're curious about the heart and soul of Gyumri, the museums are your golden ticket. They're like secret doorways to the city's rich history and fascinating treasures. Imagine stepping into a world where each exhibit tells a story – it's not just a visit; it's a journey through Gyumri's cultural tapestry. So, embrace the beauty of discovery and make a date with the museums. Your adventure awaits behind those doors, promising a glimpse into the enchanting tales of Gyumri.


As you bid farewell to Gyumri, may your onward journey be as bright and cheerful as the laughter that echoes through its streets. May the memories of rich history, delightful humor, and cultural wonders stay with you, adding a touch of Gyumri's magic to every step of your adventure. Wishing you a wonderful and safe trip, filled with new discoveries and joyous moments. Until our paths cross again, happy travels!